Learn to fly
The School4Pilots-



A quick and cost-optimized approach to become a pilot yourself

  • Become a pilot in 6-8 months
  • Europe-wide flying with up to 4 people in single-engine aircraft up to 2,000 kg take-off weight

Extension of the basic flying principles and the basis for further licenses (CPL, ATPL) and authorizations (e.g., instrument flight, multi-engine aircraft, etc.)

  • Upgrade from LAPL possible in 1 month
  • Worldwide flying up to the light jet class possible

Instrument flight authorization (IR rating)

Uncomplicated and well coached for new flying challenges

  • Get an IR rating in 3-6 months. Theory and practice with our “IR special program for committed pilots”
  • Fly in almost any weather and at altitudes of up to 29,000 feet (depending on the type of aircraft)


First step into commercial aviation

  • Combined with the IR rating almost an ATPL


The two-man cockpit is waiting

  • Fly Boeing, Airbus, or do you want to fly a business jet? Everything is possible with this license.