Price list

As of 01.07.2023

Charter prices & training prices

per hour


Charter prices

Bristell B23
G3x Glass cockpit
209 €
VulcanAir V1.0
245 €
1000G Glass cockpit – only IR-Training
345 €
PA46M500 (SET) “Meridian” 1.350 €

Flight instructor per hour

Training LAPL/PPL 60 €
Training NVFR 75 €
Training IR 95 €
SET 120 €

Charterers do not have to acquire a membership in School4Pilots GmbH.
All aircraft are cleaned by us ?

Charter conditions

A valid charter or training contract is a prerequisite for using the above aircraft or FI resources. A briefing or check flight with FI / CRI is mandatory for new customers of School4Pilot and is subject to insurance law required.

Please note: all aircraft in our fleet are equipped with “glass cockpits” (EFIS) without exception. If there is no “difference training EFIS” in the customer’s flight log, this must be done before the first charter. This can be done as part of the briefing flight as well as a mandatory ground training with FI.

All prices apply to block times and include fuel and oil as well as the applicable VAT at the time of rental / training.

The billing of the block times and the flight instructor hours are carried out separately from each other. These times will be confirmed in writing by the customer after the training or instruction and will be listed separately on the invoice and billed together.

For a charter period of a full day (Monday to Friday), the minimum purchase is 2 hours of billable block time. On Saturday and Sunday 3 hours. The ratio between booking time and block time should not be less than 3: 1, that means in 3 hours of booking time there should be 1 hour block time. In the event of a significant shortfall, the time difference is calculated at the ratio of 3: 1 with an hourly rate of 50 euros.

In addition, the conditions according to our charter contracts / FI charter contracts as well as the student-pilot contracts apply.

Further prices and offers
in the overview (in €)

Basic and administrative fee for flight training (Back-office support & 24/7 access to the S4P booking program) 250 €
Theory training (LAPL / PPL online) including additional close-up lessons @ S4P 1.250 €
Flight training costs LAPL (A) according to legal requirements (Based on 30 hours of flight training on Bristell B23 plus additional cost for landings according to actual price lists of airports/airfields) 5.970 €
Flight training costs PPL (A) according to legal requirements (Based on 30 hours of flight training on Bristell B23 plus additional cost for landings according to actual price lists of airports/airfields) 8.955 €
plus, flight instructor fee per training hour  (according to price list see above) 60 €/per block hour

Further authorizations
& fees

Difference training “Glass cockpit (EFIS) on G3x / G500”– Conveying theoretical knowledge (ground training) including flight instructor – 249 €
Practical training “Glass cockpit (EFIS) on G3x / G500”  Price depending on the type of aircraft and according to the price list (see above)
NVFR – night flight authorization on BRISTELL B23 including flight instructor (5 hours); plus landings, if applicable, additional fees 1.450 €
Practice flight with FI for license renewal including paperwork authority plus aircraft charter (also possible on your own aircraft) 150 €
Use of the Aircraft Info Desk (S4P booking program) – one-time fee of 95 €
Training certificate according to DTO 175 €
Training certificate according to ATO 250 €
Proficiency check with FE (A) examiner plus aircraft charter (also possible on your own aircraft) 250 €
Proficiency check CRE / IRE (A) IR examiner plus aircraft charter (also possible on your own aircraft) on request
Proficiency check FI (A) examiner on request
Radio communication certificate BZF I / BZF II (Compact course 3 days plus examination fee) 650,- €
Radio communication certificate AZF (Compact course 3 days plus examination fee) 720,- €
FI training on request

General fees

Landing fees & DFS fees in accordance with the
applicable fee regulations at the airports / airfields

School4Pilots processing fees for return debits
(plus bank charges)
25 €
School4Pilots processing fees for no-showBooking / charter / flight hour (cancellation must be made at least 12 hours in advance)
100 €
School4Pilots processing fees Non-entry in the logbook and / or S4P booking program 25 €

All aircraft have fully comprehensive operator insurance, operator liability insurance and passenger liability insurance in the form of CSL (Combined Single Limit) cover. The deductible for fully comprehensive insurance is € 3,000. There is also seat accident insurance for all occupants.

All aircraft have insurance coverage under the aviation liability insurance conditions. The insurance applies to all aircraft mentioned above. Geographical scope: Europe including the Canary Islands, as well as neighboring Mediterranean countries, in accordance with the insurance provisions on which the contract is based.

The aircraft are serviced at all prescribed inspection intervals in commercially licensed shipyards (CAMO).

All the above prices include the currently applicable VAT.