To the PPL Light
(based on EASA LAPL-A)

This private pilot’s license for light aircraft, PPL Light (LAPL), entitles you to carry out flights as the pilot in command according to visual flight rules during the day in non-commercial air traffic. This license is only valid in the countries belonging to EASA and is limited to single-engine land aircraft with piston engines or motor gliders (TMG) with a maximum take-off weight of 2000 kg. Up to 3 people can be transported here, which means at no time may there be more than 4 people on board of the aircraft. Despite these restrictions, the PPL Light (LAPL) is a real and, above all, inexpensive alternative to the PPL (A).

An upgrade of the LAPL (A), a LAPL (A) with TMG or a LAPL (S) into a PPL (A) according to Part-FCL is possible.

For this purpose, practical training in a DTO is necessary, during which, among other things, the use of radio navigation aids is practiced. Depending on the license, authorization and flight hours already completed after receiving the PPL Light (LAPL) license, at least 10 hours of flight instruction must be carried out in a DTO training course.

The training is concluded with a practical test, which also examines the theoretical level of knowledge in an oral form.


The theoretical training is essentially identical to the theoretical training for obtaining the PPL (A), except for navigation.

The theory includes the following subjects:

  • Aerodynamics
  • General Aircraft Knowledge (technology)
  • Air law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Flight performance and flight planning

The final theoretical exam takes place at the Lower Saxony State authority for road construction and traffic.

The practical training includes at least 30 hours of flight training. Of these, at least 15 hours have to be flown with a flight instructor and at least five hours overland flight. In addition, at least 6 hours of monitored solo flight, including 3 hours of solo cross-country flight of at least 150 km in length, is required, with 1 completely completed landing being carried out at an airport other than the take-off airport.

Would you like to have your night flight authorization entered in your PPL Light (LAPL)?

Please note: PPL Light (LAPL) holders have to catch up on the basic exercises “flying by instruments”, which are necessary for the issuance of the PPL-A but are not required for the PPL Light (LAPL) training, before the start of the night flight training.

So, if you are a PPL Light (LAPL) holder and are thinking of acquiring an additional qualification in the form of a night flight authorization, we will be happy to prepare you professionally – let us advise you!

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