NVFR (Night Visual Flight Rules) eligibility
The night flight qualification


To begin night flight training, you must be in possession of a valid PPL (A) PPL Light (LAPL) license. The training includes practical night flight exercises with and without a flight instructor. There is no examination in front of an examination board, but the qualification is confirmed by us after completion of the training at the responsible authority.

It’s far from over after sunset!

With the night flight authorization, you can also fly at night.

As a pilot, it offers you greater flexibility in your time planning and also increases your flying skills and qualities.

In aviation, night is the time between the end of civil twilight in the evening and before the beginning of civil twilight in the morning. The duration of civil twilight is depending on the season in our latitudes between 40 and 50 minutes, so that the night begins around 40 minutes after sunset and ends 40 minutes before sunrise.

The aircraft must of course also be approved for night flights and has to have the required lighting systems and flight instruments. Furthermore, the take-off and destination airports must have a corresponding operating permit and be open at the appropriate times.

The facts:

Since 2019, night flight training has to be completed within 6 months. For this purpose, a training course must be completed at a DTO/ATO, which includes, among other things, the theoretical instruction in the special features of flying at night. There need to be 5 hours of flight at night to be completed,

  1. of which at least 3 hours of training with a flight instructor,
  2. of which at least 1 training hour overland navigation with at least 1 overland flight with a flight instructor of at least 50 km

and at least 5 solo take-offs and single landings until a complete standstill.

An examination at the end of the training is not required.

Special for PPL Light (LAPL) holders

PPL Light (LAPL) holders have to catch up on the basic exercises “flying according to instruments”, which are necessary for the issuance of the PPL-A but are not required for the PPL Light (LAPL) training, before the start of the night flight training.

So, if you are a PPL Light (LAPL) holder and are thinking of acquiring an additional qualification in the form of a night flight authorization, we will be happy to prepare you professionally – let us advise you!

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