Flight instructor training
FI(A) / CRI(A) / IRI(A)*

*through our partner ATO Air Alliance

Requirements for the FI (A) flight instructor:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Valid PPL (A) EASA-FCL, CPL (A) or ATPL (A) license
  • Valid medical certificate of at least class 2
  • and at least 200 flight hours on airplanes, of which at least 150 hours as PIC
  • at least 30 flight hours on single-engine aircraft with piston engines, of which at least 5 flight hours must have been completed within the last 6 months before the selection test.
  • At least 10 flight hours of training on instrument flights, of which a maximum of 5 hours may be carried out as instrument ground time (simulator or FNPT II).
  • At least 20 hours of cross-country flight as the pilot in charge, including a flight of at least 540 km (300nm), during which the landing is carried out on at least 2 airfields different from the take-off airport.
  • Proof of CPL (A) knowledge (possession of a CPL (A) / ATPL (A) license or passed CPL (A) / ATPL (A) theory test)
  • Selection test, to be taken within 6 months and at least 1 week before the start of the training with a qualified FI (A) in accordance with EASA Part FCL.905.FI i), based on the proficiency test according to Appendix 9

Theoretical training

125 lessons of direct lessons in the subjects:

  • Learning process
  • Teaching process
  • Training principles
  • Applied teaching methods in theory and practice
  • Assessment and testing of student pilots
  • Development of a training program
  • Human performance in relation to flight training
  • Dangers of simulating failures and malfunctions of the aircraft systems during flights
  • Night flight training
  • Administrative matters related to training

The practical training

30 flight hours on single-engine aircraft, including 25 flight hours with a qualified FI instructor.

5 flight hours in a team with another applicant to FI (A)

The applicant controls the aircraft from the right seat, the FI-I simulates the behavior of the student pilot.

EXAM: The training concludes with an examination in which the applicant proves his theoretical and practical knowledge.

If a flight instructor has acquired his license, his license bears the title FI (RP) for the first 100 hours of training. The abbreviation stands for Restricted Privileges. One restriction is, for example, that the FI (RP) may not approve student pilots for free flying, i.e., the first solo flight.

FI(A)-IR flight instructor

The flight training for instrument rating teachers with FI (A) according to EASAPart-FCL can take place at School4Pilots in Hanover (EDDV) or at our partner ATO in Siegerland (EDGS). Our flexible program is tailored to your personal needs and is available on request.

Approval requirements according to EASA part FCL:

  • IR – flight experience 200 hours
  • FI (A) license

Theoretical training for FI-IR (A):

  • 10 theory lessons

Practical flight training:

  • 5 hours FI-IR with FI

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