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“Good pilots never
stop learning”– #GPNSL

More than learning to fly

The dream of “self-flying” is more realistic than you think. With the “Approved School4Pilots Step-Up-Program” we bring you into the cockpit of your choice. As a customer of the School4Pilots, you can be sure that the goal is not just to acquire a license, but also to train good and safe pilots. Our concept not only trains you, but coaches you to convey the necessary and prescribed training content individually and according to your previous knowledge and to achieve YOUR goal.

Or already a licensed pilot and dare to upgrade?

Would you like an instrument license, but don’t have the time?

Become a flight instructor yourself and pass on your flying knowledge, much too time-consuming?

Further training in aviation in the USA, but far too complicated?

We are absolute professionals when it comes to achieving YOUR flying goals and turning pure license holders into real pilots. How we can achieve all of this together with you, we would be happy to clarify in a personal conversation.

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